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Emulsifiers ConcentratorEmulsifiers Concentrates

Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations conventionally contain an active ingredient, one or more surfactants which act as emulsifier,s upon dilution of the EC with water and a water immiscible solvent to form a stable emulsion. Typical solvents for conventional EC formulations are aromatic hydrocarbons as for example xylene, Shellsol A or Solvesso 200. These solvents have very low solubilities in water and a high capability of dissolving a wide range of active ingredients. Venus Emulsifier's (veedee Emf) used in EC formulation as a substance that is added to oil to help the oil mix well with water to give uniform and stable emulsion & ready to be applied on crop.

Due to the presence of the solvent, many pesticides formulated as an EC have advantages such as a higher degree of systemicity ,higher overall activity and low in cost compared to the same pesticide formulated as a wettable powder (WP), water dispersible granule (WG) or suspension concentrate (SC). The new ECs contain at least one pesticide, preferably one, two or three pesticides, in particular fungicides, herbicides or insecticides.

The blended pairs are so designed beautifully that they take care of change in the composition of the solvents. Thus the formulators have the flexibility to choose the solvent they wish to use for formulating their toxicant.

Venus emulsifiers are having one or two component system, with the blend of Anionic & Non-ionic surfactant for the crop protection industry. ,The ratio and overall dosage of emulsifiers for a given formulation is determined by simple laboratory R & 0 as given in the presentation below:

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