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Cartap molecule s stabilized in the form of monoacetic salt of hydrochloric acid. This is because it is unstable in weak acidic medium and very unstable in neutral and alkaline medium because of this reason cartap in the both types of formulations is stabilized by Phosphate esters and phosphoric acid in proper ratio so that acidity is maintained, as per guidelines of relevant Indian standard viz,
IS: 14184 for Cartap H Granules
IS: 14183 for Cartap H Soluble Powder

Surfactants of Venus Group for Cartap hydrochloride based Formulations

(1) Veedee EMF AP 901 : Veedee EMF AP 901 is a acid stabilizer for Cartap hydrochloride 4G & 50 SP formulation
Chemical Identity : Organic Phosphate Ester
Appearance : Colourless to light pale coloured clear liquid
Acid Value (mg KOH/gm) : 420-430
pH (2% aqueous solution) : 1.5-3
Solubility in water : Form clear colourless solution
Moisture content (% m/m) : 1.0 Max
Density {(gms/ml) : 1.9-1.15 at 30° C
(2) Veedee EMFNP 111 : Veedee EMF-NP-III is a blend of polyxy Alkyl Aryl Phenyl ether derivative & performs as a blinder and dye solublizer for cartap hydrochloride 4G & 50SP formulations
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