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Suspension ConcentratorSuspension Concentrates

Suspension concentrate formulations are the dispersion of an insoluble solid into a liquid media intended for dilution in water before use. The liquid media is usually water in which the solid meets the insolubility criteria under all temperature conditions. Suspension concentrates have grown in popularity due to benefits such as absence of dust, ease of use and effectiveness when compared to formulation types such as emulsifiable concentrates and wettable powders.

The process requires wet milling grinding of the active ingredient in presence of surface active agents avoiding air entrapment and foaming by adding just sufficient quantity of defomer . and mixed with binder gererally Xanthan gum to achieve the desired viscosity ..
This enables highly fine particle size i.e. less than 4-5 micrones, low viscous and stable suspension concentrates to be formulated which gives higher bio-efficacy as compared to any WP formulations.
Venus group introduce a premium product among spray adjuvants, in Agrosurfactants based on biodegradable polmers in emulsified form, for Metsulfuron WP formlation known as Veedee EMF MSL. It is non-ionic in character.

Application: It is used as a general purpose spray aadjuvants which primarily act as sticker, binder, and spreader and increase the penetration of pesticide active into the leaf. It also acts as a leaf wetting agent, so lower the interfacial tension & enable spray fluid to moisten the plant surface.
Chemical Identity : Bio-degradable Co-Polymers as concentrated O/W Emulsion of Polymeric surfactant.
Appearance : Deep milky white opaque and viscous liquid Devoid of any suspended matter.
Physical Characterstic : Free flowing, pourable and of uniform consistency.
Odour : Mild Acrylic
Solubility : Spontaneously dispersible. from uniform and stable Emulsion in water over a wide range of hardness 
pH of 5% diluted emulsion   : 7 - 8.5
Density at 25°C : 1.1 - 1.2
Application : It is an general purpose spray adjuvant which is used as a tank mix spray adjuvant. Application doses for different groups are as given below.
For Insecticides/Fungicides : @ 0.6 ml/Ltr Water.
For Herbicides : @1.2ml/Ltr Water
Harmful Effects : It is harmful or fatal if swallowed. Can enter lungs
and can cause damage. Contact with skin can cause irritation, Spillage into Eye can cause irritation.
Warranty : Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility otherthan the uniform quality of the product.
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